Brian Beattie's Story

In 1998 Brian Beattie first set up Mange Tout Limited as a fine dining restaurant of the same name. In just six short months the restaurant was earning awards with all the major food guides including a bib gourmand in the Michelin Guide.

Soon after opening the restaurant, Brian saw a gap in the event catering market for a high-end operator in Ireland and in 2002 he changed from a fine dining restaurant to a fine dining caterer, called The Caterers, still trading under the original Mange Tout company. As his business grew so too did his team, menus and bills. He needed to ensure he had control of all his purchasing as well as the outputs of his kitchen. In 2007, he first launched prepsheets as an internal control for managing costs and waste.

In 2011, his company opened it’s first Simply Irish Café which now meant he needed visibility on two kitchens. In 2014, legislation came in to require the identification of 14 allergens on all menu items served to the public and so prepsheets version 2 was launched. In 2019, he opened his sixth Simply Irish Café and took on one of the most prestigious high end venues in Dublin, Number 6 Kildare Street. Through all of this change his prepsheets V2 system was ever evolving and keeping his costs, allergens, waste and team under control but was struggling with the multi-site environment.

In 2020, with the arrival of Covid-19 and the closure of some of his operations, Brian took the time to step back and recreate prepsheets as a webapp - This product is the culmination of all the above experience in a simple tool that will help other operations, big or small, to stay on top of their costs, compliance and quality whilst allowing the team focus on cooking amazing dishes for clients. Brian hopes that you are as successful as he has been with this tool.