Prepsheets Updates in December

We have enabled better house keeping for users as well as better functionality and of course keeping Prepsheets working for everyone. We have also been working on the back end a lot this month, and it’s a bit like the plumbing in your business, you don’t notice it that much, it costs a lot and everything falls apart without it.


We have enabled the removal of managed suppliers from your supplier information under settings. Of course, you need to have no active ingredients in use for these suppliers to be able to remove these suppliers.

We have also enabled users to delete old VAT rates, as with all deletions, this can only be used if the VAT rate is not in use in any recipe.

Managed Suppliers

We have been working on streamlining this more and have new suppliers added this month. If you have large product files and need them input into Prepsheet, don’t forget we can add them into the managed database for you and all our users to use.

User Information

We have continued to add little ‘i’ information icons on the different fields in Prepsheets to help you quickly set up your ingredients and recipes if you are a new user.


These are the Projects on the Roadmap for the next few months which we are working away on, they take time and we are really interested in feedback - Prepsheets is your tool so talk to us.


Preplists: This new module gives kitchens the ability to plan your kitchen preparations and bring all ingredient needs to one ‘Preplist’, that you can use to check your stock and process your orders. This underpins Prepsheets ability to ensure you only order and prepare the amount of food you need. Ensuring Food and Labour waste are minimal.

API: Linking in and out of the other tools you use in your kitchen.

Labour: Labour costing to be included in your recipe costing.

As always, drop us a note on or have a chat through this link