Prepsheets Updates in November

We are so excited with this months updates and can’t wait for December!

Ingredient Price Tracking

From now on as you change the price of an ingredient in Prepsheets you will see a little chart down under the nutritional information to show you how the price has changed since this feature launch date. You will only start to see this chart when you change the price. You will be able to track back on the chart to see what the price changes have been and over what timescale. This will give you more clarity on what is going on with your ingredients in terms of pricing and allow you to react to price changes even quicker.

Sub Recipe Printing at time of printing Recipe Prepsheet

Has it slowed you down having to print a sub recipe or numerous sub recipes when you are printing your prepsheet especially for multiples of your recipe? Now with one click, when you go to print, you can include your sub recipe - no matter if it is a straight sub recipe or even a sub sub recipe.

Recipe Information

We have included the ingredient product code in the recipe to make it easier for chef’s to see if the ingredient is a bought item or a sub recipe item.

Training Channel

To make it easier and quicker to get to our sales channel we have linked it from our web app.


You will have seen a new button, in grey if you are not subscribed, which shows you where to go to add our EU Compliant Food Labelling to your subscription. Your first food labels can be formatted and personalised for free on sign up to this module. This label can be used across all your recipes.


Have your say. We are always open to feedback. These are the Projects on the Roadmap for the next few months


Preplists - This new module gives kitchens the ability to plan your kitchen preparations and bring all ingredient needs to one ‘Preplist’, that you can use to check your stock and process your orders. This underpins Prepsheets ability to ensure you only order and prepare the amount of food you need. Ensuring Food and Labour waste are minimal.

API - Linking in and out of the other tools you use in your kitchen.

Labour - Labour costing to be included in your recipe costing.

As always, drop us a note on or have a chat through this link