October 2023 Improvements to our User Experience with Prepsheets

We have made some subtle changes to your user experience with Prepsheets this month and we hope you have noticed and are seeing the benefits of them.

Sub-Recipe\ A big feature of Prepsheets are our recipes within recipes (sub recipes), which we now indicate on the main recipe page - this allows the user to immediately see if a recipe is made up of just ingredients or if it includes another recipe (additional prep before the recipe can be made.).

Ingredient adding within a recipe\ We know it was a bit confusing when you added an ingredient and you did not know it was ‘selected’ so you may have added it a few more times before you realised you had it in already and then you had to delete it from the recipe - time wasted!

Not anymore, now we have a little ‘Add’ button and an indicator to show you it’s in and how many times it’s in!

Printing Prepsheets\ So, we have been asked a few times, even from users who have been on the system for a while, ‘How do you print a Prepsheet?’. We thought it was obvious but clearly not to everyone. So, we added a little ‘Print Icon’ to the Prepsheet button. We hope that makes it clear for everyone.

We are also adding in the option to print sub recipes as part of the printing option, this should appear in November 2023.

Method\ We also have fixed the printing of the ‘Method’ in the Prepsheet to print the way you entered it in the paragraph. Gone are the merged sentences which don’t really enable you or your team to easily read the instructions.

Information Bubbles\ We noticed again that some of our users were not quite sure of the use of all the fields available to them in Prepsheets. Whilst we are trying to maintain the simplicity and ease of use of the tool as well as supporting our clients with our YouTube training channel (Prepsheets) we also want to have information where you need it. So you we have put in little ‘i’ bubbles to show you where we have explainers

Food Labels\ We had a little bug that the food labels created that did not correctly show the portion size, we have now corrected this and also defaulted the Salt content to gms as it was in both mg and gm which was confusing for our customers.

We are planning some great changes over the next few months which will give so much more clarity to your kitchen operations. The first being the ability to report on recipe changes over a period of time - this will be accessible through your Dashboard which we are working on.

On top of that, and this has us most excited! We will be offering a new module with the ability to create ‘Preplists’ and which will allow you to select all the recipes your kitchen will be producing and create an ‘ingredients’ shopping list which you can use to check against your stock before putting in your orders. You will also be able to create all the Prepsheets associated with that plan with one click.

We hope you have noticed these improvements and they have already made your experience using Prepsheets better. If there is anything else you would like to see improved, drop us an email (info\@prepsheets.com) and we will add it to our roadmap.