Benefits of Prepsheets

Streamlined Recipe Management

Bid farewell to the days of paper-based chaos with! This user-friendly platform enables you to effortlessly store and develop recipes digitally. By centralizing your recipe management, you can easily access and modify recipes, reducing the risk of misplacing crucial information. With seamless recipe organization, you can efficiently plan ingredient quantities and minimize the chances of overbuying, consequently curbing food waste.

Accurate Margin Insights

Understanding your margins is vital for effective cost management and waste reduction. offers real-time access to crucial margin information, allowing you to make informed decisions as ingredients and supplier prices fluctuate. With accurate margin insights, you can identify cost-saving opportunities, optimize recipe development, and minimize overproduction. By aligning your pricing strategy with current market conditions, you can proactively adapt to price increases, thereby reducing financial losses and waste.

Hassle-free Allergen Compliance simplifies the process of adhering to allergen regulations, saving you valuable time and effort. The platform provides a comprehensive overview of allergen information, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards. By efficiently managing allergens, you can avoid potential mistakes, prevent cross-contamination, and ultimately reduce the unnecessary discarding of food due to allergen-related concerns.

Nutritional Breakdown

Catering to diverse dietary needs requires a comprehensive understanding of nutritional information. empowers you to delve into the nutritional composition of each dish effortlessly. With detailed nutritional breakdowns readily available, you can make informed choices regarding ingredient selection and portion sizes. This not only ensures customer satisfaction but also minimizes the likelihood of excessive food preparation, reducing waste associated with unused or unsold dishes.

Tap into Our Vast Supplier Database offers a vast supplier database, streamlining your sourcing process. With comprehensive information on ingredients as well as allergens and calories, with your agreed purchase prices, you can easily integrate supplier data into your recipe management. This ensures accurate cost calculations, precise inventory tracking, and seamless communication with suppliers. By simplifying the sourcing process, enables you to make sustainable choices, minimize food waste, and foster beneficial relationships with suppliers.

We attended Taste of Dublin this month (June 2023) where Tara was on a panel discussing Food Waste and how to tackle it in the home. 

Food waste continues to plague our society, has revolutionized the way we manage recipes and ingredients, playing a pivotal role in reducing food waste. This article explores the core principles promoted by to help kitchens cut the waste.

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