Seasonal Tea Brack

Here in Prepsheets HQ, we believe in sharing our recipes developed over 25+ years of running restaurants, catering and cafes. This delicious Tea Brack recipe is kind to the planet and your customers taste buds! Presenting our special recipe, made with love and old tea bags, reducing waste and embracing sustainability. The addition of the stock syrup (made with equal quantities of sugar and water) at the end ensures the moistness of each fruity slice.

Why Tea Brack? Our Tea Brack is not just any ordinary pastry. It’s a heart-warming blend of tradition and innovation. We’ve crafted this delightful treat using recycled tea bags, infusing each bite with the essence of a thousand cozy tea moments. In the costing we have the standard cost of the tea bag, so if you have the opportunity to recycle your teabags then your margin is increased.

A Taste of Sustainability: By reusing tea bags, we’re not just preserving the environment; we’re enhancing the flavour. The subtle infusion of tea elevates the taste, making each slice a unique experience.

87% Gross Profit Margin: Savour the flavour of a good deed! Not only is our Tea Brack environmentally conscious, but it’s also a smart choice for your wallet. With an impressive 87% gross profit margin, every bite represents savings without compromising quality.

Join the Eco-Friendly Revolution: Indulge guilt-free in our Tea Brack and become a part of our eco-friendly initiative. Together, let’s create a greener world, one tea bag and one recipe at a time

Check out all our margin making recipes and treat yourself to a slice of sustainability. Together, we’re brewing change and serving smiles! ☕️🌱 #SustainableChoices #EcoFriendlyEats #TeaBrackMagic #GreenCafeLove